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I hear your pain. Antibiotics clear me up really well, but I'm always afraid that if I stop taking them my acne will get really really bad. I'm pretty sure when I quit using this minocycline I'll most likely have to go on accutane.

Doc's usually prescribe a topical and an oral drug to fight acne, that way when your off the oral your skin can rely on the topical, but sometimes your not even sure if the topical works, it could just be the oral that's making your face clear and all you can really do is hope that the topical cream can work without it's lil buddy oral pill. I hate this feeling of impending doom, my acne will come back, such a sad story.
Wow thanks for the quick response everyone... so you think that bcps are the way to go... hmmm...interesting...can I ask what kind of acne that you two (Scarlet and Aquarenia) have/had? I'm just somewhat skeptical because my acne was moderate-severe and cystic and I was not aware that bcps were that effective. Oh and I also know that my acne is stress-related if that helps any. Can bcps help with this kind of acne?

I just feel like I'm running out of options...I don't want to stay on the minocycline and don't particularily want to resort to accutane simply because it is such a serious med, but also don't want to go back to square one. Having clear skin (relative phrase) is/was nice and it makes it all the more difficult to go back to breaking out... Isn't life just


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