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Dec 8, 2001
I am 25 years old and have been dealing with acne since I was 15 and have tried just about everything except accutane. I have tried the alternative medicine, herbs, restricted my diet to the point where I felt I was going insane, various medications and B5. While I was in high school I did not get it that bad and only needed to use some over the counter crap. But when I entered college it got really bad and started taking medication. After three months of not getting any better, I decided to try the natural approach. This did not work after trying for 8 months of pure hell at college (my social life was an absolute nightmare), I decided to go back on to antibiotics (benzamycin and azeliac acid). These medications worked wonders with the exception of an occasional breakout). My social life improved dramatically (got dozens of women the remaining three years of college). Then when I graduated college I broke up with my girlfriend and got a fairly stressful job (I am a project accountant) it started up again. So I then decided to go on internal antibiotics and started to notice some improvement. Now I decide to get back into bodybuilding (I am really into being athletic and in shape) and starting getting in the whole supplement craze (creatine, methox. protein shakes) the acne started up again and gradually got worse. So then I decide to cut out the supplements to see what would happen and calm down with the weightraining. This did get rid of the acne and only caused me to go from 170lbs to 155lbs. Then after doing some research and looking into when my breakouts were occurring, I cam up with the theory that after all this time that could be the stress I was putting on my body (which is something that one doctor told me did not have anything to do with the acne). I am still testing out this theory and from what I can tell so far, it is the main reason I am getting these breakouts. After reading many posts from males in my age category who are getting acne, I fell this must be the main culprit and that limited stress just might be the only real cure.

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