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Acne and depression
May 18, 2001
I've been suffering from acne since i was 15.It got really severe 2 years ago (i'm 23) after a major depression and nervous break down,which lasted for 2-3 months.After that,i started getting really big/painful ones.I was really depressed and also didn't know any acne message boards then and i didn't have anyone who could help me.I wouldn't go out and couldn't face to anyone.My acne is moderate now after all the antibiotics and stuff and i don't know why, whenever i see a big zit forming i get so depressed,have stomach pains and vomit afterwards.I always want to sleep,don't eat anything all day etc.I have a big pimple on my face now from my picking two days ago.(It was fine yesterday but it is infected and very red today) and i'm really depressed again.That can sound really funny for the severe acne sufferers but believe me i've been there and maybe this depression is linked to the really bad times i had then.I've tried everything except Accutane to make it go away.I've been taking antibiotics for a long time,even tough i know this is not a permanent solution.I need some encouraging words but if you're going to say i'm stupid or funny,please do not post any reply because i had some replies like this in the past.Thank you.

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