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hi danielle, i know how you feel. my skin is still bad. i just hope and pray that the acne never ever comes back like i had before the first accutane treatment. you can asked to be refered to an endocrinologist. they specialize in hormone disorders and that is who tested my hormone levels and found they were way high. for example, one of my male hormones normally should be 80. i was over 280. some were even higher but i don't remember the figures. even if you do find out the cause, there still isn't much to do about it. aldactone is supposed to be the best for treating androgen influenced acne. i have never taken BCPs. i've heard on other boards that people seem to like Ovacet 35 (not sure about spelling) and Desogen. i haven't taken either like i said. i just wanted to say i feel your pain. i've cried in the derm's office before. my acne was so bad it was very disfiguring. i was a freak. thank God at least it isn't like that after accutane, but i'm staying indoors again today because i'm depressed about my scar ridden, red face. i hope i helped you feel better some. just know you aren't alone.

PS. derms can also test for hormones, but try and be refered to an endo.

Thanks Angie. Do you have any side effects from aldactone? What dose did you start out at? I feel better now that I'm not taking it because the side effects have gone down. They were really affecting my daily life. If I can take a really low dose with no side effects that would be wonderful. I hate when my acne gets me depressed. It keeps me from going out and having fun. I'll see what my dermatologist says about testing my hormone levels and if he can't help me, I'll ask about an endocrinologist. Do you know if high hormone levels do anything else besides cause acne? Thank you so much!

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