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Hey guys,

Hope all are doin well with their battle against probably the most popular "disease", and yes, what a battle it is. To make things a bit easier for all those with acne, it isn't reccomended by most to pick at pimples. I myself, who used to be a picker, tried to test this theory and see what happened. The lesions not squeezed or picked at healed much faster then those picked at. I found that by just leaving zits alone, and by simply putting medicines, such as benzoyl peroxide creams,which in my opinion works very well, on the INDIVIDUAL zits,(not th WHOLE face, since this might cause irritation) they would indeed go away more quickly, especially the pus filled ones. Instead of picking, you guys should try this out. You'll should find that instead of squeezing or picking at the zits, when you wash your face, sometimes, especially the pus filled pimples, wash away, as the pus drains itself. This will save you lots of aggravation by not squeezing, and most of all save your faces from the annoying pigmentation problems and pitting that picking sometimes causes. I even tried this for a cyst that was developing on mychin. When I felt it, it felt pretty deep, so as soon as Ifelt it forming, I applied some Benzaclin on it, which I truly believe is a good med, especially for thoe deeper lesions. Te next day, the bump, came to a head, which is AWESOME, cause generally, my cysts DO NOT come to a head. The cyst healed in 2 days, which is ten times better than having ithang around which sometimes seems like forever. So to some it all up if you have zits, or if you feel that you have zits forming underneath the skin, like those under the skin bumps, or een for cysts, A.DO NOT PICK! B.Put topicals, especially topcials containing benzoyl peroxide, such as Benzamyacin or Benzaclin, on the INDIVIDUAL pimple or cyst...NOT ALL OVER, as this willonly dry up your face, and irritate it. You will find that the benzoyl peroxide either helps to dry up the pimple much more quickly then by picking or squeezing at it, or it will bring the deeper cysts to a head, allowing them to heal much more quickly.Oh,and I forgot t mention, use a gentel cleanser, such as Purpose or Cetaphil, instead of harsh cleansers, because in my opinion, harsh products oly make things worse, especially if you're already using acne topicals. Please try this for a couple of weeks, an post your progress on thsi board. I'd love to hear how everyone is doing, Best of luck to all, and yes, we will win the battle with acne!

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