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Dude--- how funny you posted this Q about large pores.. I was just going to do that myself. I have thee LARGEST skin pores.. but just in my cheek (outer nose) and now forehead area.... It sucks! I so know.. I look at people who have acne..but small pores... and they still can look great... but little acne and large pores... Ugh! I always feel like swiss cheese face!! Well... I'll be honest... I've been on 5gm of B-5 since the end of Jan. and my pores have NOT reduced in size one bit. It's decreased the oilness and reduced the cysts... but smaller pores? Nah... Its driving up the wall... And my silly aestician won't give me the glycolic treatments until I'm totally clear ( when will that ever be!?!) so tomorrow I'm gonna start my hunt for another aestician who will start the glycoloic peels for me... I hear they work sooooo well... and make all those nasty pores shrink a bit and git rid of those excess 'wrinkles' and brwon spots. Products def. don't work on the pores...I've tried those pore reducing toners and stuff...nanh...they just clog them but the peels I hear work great... I'm thinking of upping my B-5 a bit... but its soo expensive an makes me gassy..and honestly? Your body pees out unused vitamins I don't even know if 1 or 5 grms. makes a difference. The frustrating thing is that a lot of people say the large pores are genetic ( father has them).. but with peels.. I don't see why that needs to stay within the genes./..especially if you keep stripping off layers of skin and rebuilding fresh new skin.
Hey... anyone reccomend a great place to get glyocolic peels in L.A. (CA) and anyone see pore reduction and brown spot reduction by having them??

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