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Hi guys

I don't normally post on this forum, but I notice a lot of posts here regarding atrophic scarring and hyperpigmentation following acne. Compared to acne itself, there are precious few treatments available to remove these scars/discolourations, which often make people's acne look far worse than it is.

Many people seem to be trying out the chemical peel option, but there seems to be conflicting advice on this...
In a major clinical trial last year, twice daily home application of 15% glycolic acid was compared to biweekly peels with 70% glycolic acid, and the results clearly indicated that the peels were far more effective, but at least 6 were required for good results. The maintenance approach was better tolerated and gave fair results, but a period of 24 weeks was required.

What I really want to say is, has anyone here heard of tretinoin-iontophoresis? This is where a small current applied across the skin is used to aid delivery of the drug(tretinoin in this case). Results published last year in the International Journal of Dermatology looked very promising, with it successfully treating acne scarring in 94% of patients after 20 minutes application for 3 months, but so far I've not met anyone who's tried this.

Has anyone's derm suggested this treatment?

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