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I guess this is more in response to Silly
gurls post, but I think that sunlight in
moderation (15-20 minutes a day) can be
beneficial. FOR *ME*, sunlight does total
wonders for my acne, and I'm almost clear
all summer usually due to the sunlight
killing all the bacteria on my skin. Not
only that, but sunlight is a good source
of vitamin D for your skin, and when you
lay out, your body releases "happy
chemicals".. I don't know which ones, but
the type of chemicals that make you feel
good. There is an argument against sunning
for acne prone skin, however. When you
tan, you're killing a lot of skin cells on
the top layers of your skin, and unless you
exfoliate, these can clutter up your face
and clog pores. So make sure you exfoliate
if you plan on tanning, and maybe you can
bypass this problem.. It's worked *FOR ME*..

And, don't forget about the whole UVA/UVB
skin cancer thing that I didn't cover


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