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My dermatologist prescribed Plexion Cleanser, Plexion TS, and Retin-A and my skin looks GREAT! I'm now 34 and while I still had the occasional breakout (I've had acne since high school), my skin was otherwise clear until this summer when I was bombarded with HUGE CYSTS on my forehead, between the eyes, around my nose, and all over my chin and jaw (not all at one time, but at one point I had tic-tac-toe 4 in a diagonal row across my face). It was depressing so I can empathize w/ the others who are going through the same thing. I finally went to the dermatologist and within ONE WEEK of using the Plexion, the cysts diminished in size and one on my forehead just went away. And like the original poster said, the redness goes away too.

I think Plexion is an antibiotic that contains sulfur as a drying agent. My skin seems to like the sulfur better than BP or salicylic acid (I'm allergic to aspirin so salicylic acid just aggravates my acne). I didn't use the retin-A together w/ the Plexion at the start because I have sensitive skin and didn't want to overwhelm it. After the cysts were all gone, I stopped using the Plexion daily and started the retin-A. I now use the retin-A daily and the Plexion as needed. I did not have the initial breakout w/ the retin-A maybe because of the Plexion.

Plexion and retin-A are the best!

P.S. I started visiting this message board this summer around the time of my cystic breakout. This board is a godsend for someone like me. And while I know it was the Plexion that got rid of the cysts, other things I did which I learned from reading this board helped too. Especially the face brushing which I do daily in the shower

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