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HAD ACNE SINCE-I have had mild acne ever since the third grade- so I had to of been about 9 years old. At first antibiotics and retin-a worked, but about 5 years ago it turned cystic. I've been on Accutane once, and now with antibiotics once again I'm left with is clear skin. Hopefully it will stay that way!
TYPE OF SCARS- I have a few red marks, but my red marks have a tendency to disappear quickly, thank god. I have quick healing skin. I do have slight pitted scarring on my cheeks. From far away it looks like I have none, upclose it just looks like my face is a bit rough looking. Actually, it looks like I've spent lots of time out in the sun. Can't decide if that's a good thing or not...
TYPE OF MEDICATION-Right now I just started Tetracycline. I was so unsatisfied with my Accutane results- I'd still get a big bump about once every week. I've been on Tetracycline for a few days now, and I've cleared right now. I have also used 10% benzyol peroxide to help rid of a few bumps that didn't seem to want to budge. My skin looks absolutely fabulous right now though, and I hope it stays that way...
WHAT I PLAN ON DOING FOR SCARRING- Probably nothing. Maybe a Microdermabrasion a few years down the road. It honestly doesnt bother me that much. I have two chicken pox scars, and they are WAY more noticeable than the acne scarring. I don't feel that it makes me any less attractive. Out of curiosity, I asked my dermo what she would do for the scarring. She said just using an Alpha Hydroxy Acid would diminish it greatly. And the only thing she would do to remove the chicken pox scars [which are kind of cute, I think] would be a chemical peel- where they peel the top layer of skin off your face. And your face stays red for up to a year after. Um, no thank you.
hi there

i'm 33. had perfect skin all throughout teenage years. first mild break-out i was 22 and it was on my back.

used my brother's retin-a (he had bad skin--and i made fun of him-- karma?) the retin-a made the break-out spread.

had mild acne until the age of 25--when i started graduate school. it got progressively worse--and became cystic 3 years ago. antibiotics have not worked. differin has not worked either. only retin-a seems to help me lose the red scarring afterwards.

i just started ortho-tri-cyclen 5 weeks ago. one of the worst breakouts of my life was my welcome. i'm a little lost. what i want -- is to know more about diane 35-- and to know how i can get access to it in the US.

someday i hope/plan to get laser resurfacing. a decade of acne has left my skin in less than ideal shape. does anyone know anything about photo rejuvination?

i can't believe how much money i spend on my skin. i'd have a much better wardrobe if it wasn't for my acne.

that's about it.

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