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As the world's #1 B5 fan, I'd be happy to respond. I've been on it for over 2 months and my face has NEVER been clear like it is now. I'm 27 and have tried every lame acne "cure" to come down the road, and wasted way too much know the drill. I heard about B5 on this acne site (the old board) and I had to try it. I figured it's a natural vitamin that my body can get rid of easily if it doesn't need it. I started taking only 2 grams a day because it comes in such a low dose (I bought 250 mg pills- a mistake) and I couldn't stand taking so many pills...I felt like a junkie. My face felt noticeably less oily right off the bat, but I still had zits. I upped it to 5 grams a day (10 500 mg pills thruout the day) and started seeing dramatic results. I'd wake up and my face wouldn't be greasy, it felt smoother, no bumps under the surface, and no zits. I am still amazed, and I pray it doesn't stop working (but you can bet I'll post here if it does! knock on wood.) I'm also using Azelex cream (by presciption) which is reducing scars. This took 3 months to start working.

Anyway, the bottom line is, you can buy B5 (usually called pantothenic acid) in any vitamin/healthfood store. No derms necessary, thank God. It's a bit pricey because you go through bottles like lightning, but to me, spending 17 bucks a month on my skin is well worth it. (The best I've found is a bottle of 300 500 mg pills for 17 bucks at the Vitamin Shopppe. I take 10 pills a day so that's a bottle per month.) You might experience weight loss at first and suppressed hunger (I did.)

Best of luck to you.

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