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For the Females
Oct 24, 2001
I am a 21/F and i've been dealing with moderate acne since i hit puberty. I am currently on Minocycline and Retin-A-Micro. I am still breaking out in small cysts and red inflamed pimples. But i have noticed that there is a definite cycle with my breakouts. Starting about a week and a half before my period, my face begins to blowup. Also, i have some facial hair and body hair. So, I'm thinking of possibly going on birth control pills....but my doctor told me to go and get my hormone levels tested by an Endocronologist. Has anyone seen an Endocronologist before deciding to go on BCPs?
I really dont want to go on Accutane, so i would prefer to go on BCP's. From reading the posts im starting to feel that Desogen has been a good BCP. Any thoughts?
Thanks for your advice.

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