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Does minocycline work alot better then tetracycline? I read they are similar, just the mino is more expensive. Is there any big difference between them?
Minocycline is more effective and much more expensive than Tetracycline, although I believe Minocycline is a form of Tetracycline. The reason it is more effective is because mincycline is better absorbed or something like that.
Mino is more effective, but if you've never used an antibiotic before, use tetracycline, it'll work just as well.

Or, don't use antibiotics at all. If I had the choice to stop myself from taking my very first tetracycline pil I would have stopped myself. The acne only gets worse in my case :L
As far as I understand, minocycline is a tetracycline antibiotic. I believe minocycline is 'stronger' (for lack of a better word). I guess they are structurally similar yet different. In my case tetracycline didn't work, but minocycline does. Good luck. And to be sure, ask you DR.

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