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hey guys,
i was on accutane for 5 months starting last summer, and unlike most people i've talked to, the time while i was ON accutane was the best time of my life! (ever since acne came along)
my hair did NOT fall out; it was kinda dry, but i thought it was nice to not have to wash and blowdry my hair every single day. i did get pretty chapped lips, but that was the only thing i noticed as an annoyace, so i just carried carmex lip-goo with me everywhere and i was all set. yeah, i did get an initial breakout, but it was sooo worth it to not have to worry about having an oily face and use those little oil-absorbing papers 10x/day! so yeah, i was definately a happy camper while on accutane (before that i had tried monodox, azelex, novacet, cleocin, EVERYthing over the counter, etc. and nothing worked), but now alas, it is 6months since i stopped and my oil and zits have come back full force! i want to sit and cry every time i look in the mirror and think that just when i thought my acne problems were gone for good, here i am back at square one. i haven't gotten cysts [yet] though, so that's good i guess. i try not to pick at my face so that my boyfriend won't have to see the red marks thru my makeup, but then i just end up with having every pore clogged which means millions of blackheads. ARGH!!! i'm on orthotricyclin now too, and that seems to be doing...nothing. well now my doc put me back on monodox (stupid guy doesn't want to see that it didn't work the first time around), and i'm considering trying b-5 but i can't find it anywhere! i even looked at gnc and couldn't find it. bummer. ok sorry to ramble. the moral of my story is that if you want a couple months of pure freedom from acne, i highly suggest accutane. however, be prepared that it might just be a tease and you'll be back to zitville soon enough, which is highly frustrating. *sigh*
oh, and anabelle, i don't know if it's coincidence or not, but my roommate from last year was on accutane 4 times and now she has IBS bigtime.

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