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Right now, I am totally clear of any acne, but I still get 2-3 small pimples a week and am very oily. I am thinking about taking B5/zinc to prevent breakouts and reduce oil but am afraid that they might make me break out. I know I should stick with the routine that is working for me now (you know the saying "don't fix something that isn't broken"), but I am always looking for ways to improve my skin even when there's nothing wrong with it. Should I just not take the vitamins? Have people had bad experiences with them? Thanks!
im curious about the same thing. it sounds like were in the same boat. does anyone out here know???
Are you on any other medications, i.e. prescribed drugs for your acne? If you are, don't take b-5, if you aren't it wouldn't hurt to give it a try.
I highly recommend doing this. I have been on 500mg of zinc for about 6 months now. I noticed results after about a month. I havent had any cysts in the last 5 months because of the zinc. I was on B5 too for about 3 months but stopped taking it because I had no money. I noticed great results with the b5. I was taking any where from 6-8gm per day. I have oily skin and the b5 worked micacles. I noticed results after about one week. I am now working again and I have started up on B5 once more. Im about 3 days into it. I'll post results as they come. Im taking 10gm per day this time because I really want perfect(or close to perfect) skin for this summer.
what kind of zinc do you take with b-5?
how many mg? what brand? etc......
I'm taking 8 tablets of Natural Factors 1000 mg time release D'panthothenic acid and 50 mg of zinc from Super Nutrition daily. I started maybe four days ago and it seems to be working since I haven't gotten any major new zits and I've noticed my skin drier than usual. But the initial breakout may be just around the corner so I'll keep you guys posted.
i take 50mg of GNC zinc along with 10 gm of GNC B5 right now. Its the chelated zinc, or something like that.
Why is everyone taking so much b-5? Isn't there anyone getting good results with only say.. 500mg or 1g of b-5? I hate taking pills and I don't think I can afford or want to take like 6+ pills of b-5 a day.
well minimouse, I am going to be a guinapig. I am taking 50mg of zinc and 50 mg of is helping, but I had a new breakout for whatever reason and decided to add B5 to my regimen. I'm taking 500mg this first week. Then I'll go up to 1gm and stay there for a couple of months. I'll post my results on a few months.

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