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no, i don't think it's true that if you don't keep up with treatments that scars come back. since they work by rebuilding the collagen, i don't see how they could revert back to their prior state once the collagen has been rejuvenated and has filled in the scar somewhat or completely diminished it.

i just had a 60% peel on tuesday. i'm still peeling a little, but i notice a difference even only after a few days. i had about 25-30% improvement for mild to moderate scarring and some redness with those 9 microderms. after three glycolic acid peels, that's up to about 40-45% improvement. and the rest of the peels i'm going to be doing over the next month and a half are going to be 70%, so, i'll see a great deal more improvement since the first ones were 40%, 50%, and 60% respectively. i'll keep you, and anyone else interested posted on how things go from here. i have the next peel in early may, so a little after that i'll let you know how it's goin'.
not too bad. thanks for askin'

um, i'm actually havin' a peel done today. a 70% one. it'll be my first of that strength. i have several questions for ya.

you had glycolic acid, right? or, did you have mild tca or something? if so, for either, or any other, what percentage was the peel? and where are you having this done, at a doctor's/plastic surgeon's office somewhere? how much did 4 treatments cost?

she's right though. you're not gonna notice much improveent with just one peel like that. or even 2 really, though you should notice some. i've peeled with everything i've done so far, especially with the glycolic acid. i usually don't venture out too far while the skin's flaking like that. the dryer your skin is, the more you flake and peel. so, try and moisturize before you go in. you'll likely peel anyway, but it won't be as bad. what kind of product were they trying to get you to use for after the peel? really, all you need is a good, gentle moisturizer for several days, and then you're set. you don't need anything too costly. the lady who does my skin lets me take a lot of free samples of products when i go. last time i got my hat filled with things she dumped in there. i got this good moisturizer from a company called cellex-c i'm using now, but i wouldn't be using it likely if i didn't get those samples. ask for some sample products (most importantly moisturizers, of course) when you go. they should have 'em there. even of what she was tryin' to sell you (those people will turn into salesmen on you). vaseline is too much for a peel like that and will likely cause breakouts since a lower level of your skin is more exposed.

i didn't bleed at all with the glycolic acid treatments, but i did with the microdermabrasion. pinpoint bleeding only. it wasn't anything worse than you might get from a small scratch. did you bleed from the treatments? i don't think you're supposed to. not from glycolic acid, at least. i'll check out your pics.
HI Ryan, may I ask how far apart your peels are spaced? I was told that the 20% tca is similar to the 70% glycolic acid, but is intended to go much deeper. I think my doctor is doing the reverse, he is doing a microdermabrsion tomorrow, then on friday, a 20% tca, I too really can't see the benefit in that since he always pretreats the skin with a 30% glycolic acid peel, but I will give it a try. It's great to hear that you are seeing improvements, I hope I can say the same soon. Thanks for all the help, I will let you know how it goes.

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