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I'm curious as to what kind of acne I have exactly...

I basically at all times have about 15 small little bumps on my forehead, as well as some whiteheads with a little red around them. Then I almost always have at least 2 large pimples (not cysts, just your stock large pimples) on my face, usually my chin and nose but sometimes on my forehead. I also have blackheads on both sides of my nose, a LOT.

Exactly how severe would a doctor consider my acne? What kind of medicines might be perscribed? Would Accutane be a possibility, or is that for people with much worse acne than I have?
I would say it is moderate...mild would consist of hardly any blackheads and maybe one or two zits a month. I was diagnosed with moderate acne and I sound similar to you! However I've been taking 25mg of B5 and my face has completely cleared up!
Hmmm. Hard to say. You can ask a dermatologist, that would be your best bet. I wold guess, though, that is is mild. Mine is moderate/severe, and MUCH worse. I usually get around ten to fifteen cysts on both cheeks, and sometimes the jawline (along with a whole bunch of smaller, surface acne). I'm not an expert though, just my opinion . . .

Oh yes, I forgot to say that I'm on Accutane, 40 mg per day (if anyone cares) . . .

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