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Ok peeps,

I think I have now read everything that every acne forum online has to say. The following from what I have read, is the most positive and most widely accepted way to clear your skin from acne. To clear your skin you need to do a combination of things.

Before I start, I want to clarify. I am NOT a doctor. This is simply my conclusion from reading all the info that has been reported (this includes dermatoligist reports, people who have tried things with success etc.

Firstly: Diet

From what I have gathered Diet does effect acne. Basically Hydronated Fats are BAD and they should be avoided, margarine for example is pure hydronated fat. Refined sugar should also be avoided. Refined sugar can basically be found in any processed food. In conclusion. Processed food is mostly bad for you avoid products with hydronated fat and refined sugar.

Secondly: Vitamins

Take Vitamin B5 (I personally take Pantothenic Acid - Vitamin B5). From reading a lot of posts 5 grams a day is the amount most widely taken. Supplement B5 with 20-50mg of zinc a day (I personally take 50mg of Zinc gluconate a day). With both Zinc and B5, take a B-Complex vitamin. In short this is because B6 is needed to absorb Zinc, and Zinc is needed to absorb B5. Plus a B-Complex is good for you anyway. To conclude you need your vitamins !

Thirdly: Commerical products and perscribed

Your skin is sensitive don't use harsh products. I personally use a PH 5.5 gentlye cleanser (PH 5.5 is your skins optimum, most healthy level). Tea tree oil is good for the skin. Don't use soaps they are harsh. Antibiotics are used by doctors as an over kill method because the scientific community in large still don't know what causes acne (or at least the cure has been bought up by Drug companies so they can still sell there products). Antibiotics on large work, but in the long run aren't healthy for your skin (but what the hell if it cures my acne I hear you say, my response fair enough). Accutane from my experience it works then acne comes back eventually. I have no more to say about that.

Ok thats my conclusion. My condition well I am almost clear skin I am relatively new to these new discoveries. But my skin is improving every day, with little sign of new spots. A good diet has helped me along with the vitamins. I no longer take perscribed and commericial products (such as Clearsil).

I hope you have found my research useful, as I say this is my research of the main content of acne information online. So please don't moan at me if you believe some of the info to be wrong as it is not my own simply what alot of others have said with positive results.



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