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holy crap!!! i can't believe it... this elicinia cream is working... it's amazing.. i dont know how it's working, but it just is....i just wanted to tell you all that this cream is the [email protected]!!

--- let me explain.. i had lots of acne scarring from my previous acne.. i dont get acne anymore..just the scarring.....anyway, i tried everything...i almost gave up hope and i saw the snail cream website.. anyway, i ordered it and i have been using it for 5 days now!!! and the cream is weird.. i mean, it is staritng to burn my face now when i put the cream on (i think it's the exfoliation that's the burning sensation)...anyway, at first it didn't burn... now it's starting to burn..... i had mostly acne scars on both of my cheeks and the scars have been looking better....i mean better before i started applying the cream.. i can't say they dissapeared..they are just getting face is turning red from all the exfoliation..but that's good... no pain no gain.. is anybody else USING THIS CREAM?? give me your input... i'll let oyu know what is happening next week and keep you guys updated cause i mean, 5 days is a very short time... but the cream is weird..the more cream i use on my scars and the more times i put the cream on everyday, it seems to be working (i think the more oyu use, the better!)... give me your input if oyu have ever used the cream or are currently using it... i know there is this other person here that just got the cream also and let me know how it's going.... this girl that i saw after 3 months said, "something is different about you.. you look different"....i was embarrassed and i didnt want to mention the scars or the cream so i avoided the topic....and for some reason the florescent lights are getting better to face.. i mean, i stil hate them, but it's not as bad... i just have to pass the "CAN I GO OUT IN THE SUN IN BROAD DAYLIGHT " test.... i hope i dont totally jinx this... but i had to share some ray of light with you all... please, dont get the cream just because of what i said... use it as a last resort!!!! keep in mind that i'm taking ESTER C (1000 mg)...and as far as my diet is concerned, i havnet changed it yet!! but i plan to....i dont mind the fact that my face is turning red... it's like a sunburn and it's better than acne scars and i know it's the exfoliation... give me your thoughts if you ever used or are using this cream!! [email protected]!

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