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I started B5 6 months ago to halt the return of oil and spots following a 6 month accutane course. It dried up my face almost instantly but in the early weeks I had massive problems with whiteheads and over drying as my face was still quite dry due to the accutane. I had the problem that different areas of my face were more oily than others, so if I used a lower dose, my fore head would breakout out due to too much oil, and if I used a higher dose, my cheeks/jaw line would break out due to over drying.

However, At least the B5 seemed to keep away the nasty cysts I had about this time last year, which now I believe were caused by my poor diet (lots of processed foods high in refined sugar).

Another problem I had on B5 was the marks on my face from old spots seemed to last much longer as my face was unnaturally dry. I would perhaps only have 1 or 2 active spots on my face, but it would look alot worse due to previous marks.

About 2 months in at about 6.5g a day I changed my diet by eliminating red meats, processed foods, hydrogenated oils, dairy products and refined sugar, and this did seem to help. However, it was not until after about 4 months that I really turned the corner, and it was then that I started using time-released rather than regular B5.

This seemed to work better for me and as of the last 2 months I usually only have maybe 1/2 small spots at one time, with perhaps 1 deeper more cystic type spot per week. This is a massive improvement on last year, thanks to the B5 causing a greatly reduced sebum production.

However, I am concerned about long term effects of supplementing B5 and have been annoyed by some of the side effects I have experienced:

1) Decreased sex drive - only noticable when I take 6g plus - possibly due to B5's role in synthesising sex hormones.
2) Dry skin and eyes. The skin is not much of a problem as I use moisturiser, but my eyes become uncomfortable when wearing contact lenses for more than a few hours.
3) Weight loss and increased appetite. While on high doses of B5 my appetite increases drastically, possibly because B5 processes fats, and my diet contains very low fats, especially saturated fats, (a contradiction that has worried me). However, no matter how much I eat, I cannot put on weight, the B5 seems to speed up my metabolism. I am naturally thin anyway, so this has been more of a problem for me than it would be for others.
4) Breakouts in unusual places. My experience with B5 has been that it makes one area of your face, for example your nose, more oily and pimply at first, then when this breakout clears, it remains zit free. However, the B5 is now drying my legs, and as the sebum production is reduced, I'm experiencing breakouts here where I never had them before.
5) Tiredness. I am fairly sure my high supplementation of B5 has led to a decrease in my other B vitamins and I have subsequently become tired. I have thought of adding a B complex to my supplements, but have not as yet.
6) Tanning problems. Due to my skin not having any protective oil, it is far more liable to sun damage than before. I still can go brown, but I worry my skin is being damaged more than normal.

For the above reasons I have been trying to tail off my B5 intake even though it keeps my skin 90% clear at present. However, even after 6 months usage, I have found that when I go down to say 4.5g a day or less, my skin becomes oily enough again for spots to return. I don't want to take B5 for ever, so I have just started acnease after reading good reports on this board. I am still taking 5g B5 a day at present, and I will post my results.

I'd appreciate response from other long term B5 users.

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