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Okay, I have a reply for just about everyone who's posted thus far....


What Tootles says is dead on. I, too, use one finger to massage a scarred area. I also use a circular motion with medium pressure (nothing that hurts). Tootles is also right about working the oil into the skin. You rub for 3-5 minutes per area (or per scar, if you'd like). In that time, you'll feel the oil (which isn't really greasy feeling) seep into the skin quite a bit.


I wish that I had an exact answer for you, but I don't. I think that it depends upon the person's skin and how reactive it is. Personally, I don't use the oil around any active areas of my face. I just stick to the indented scarring. And if I want to heal an area scarred by a cyst, I always wait until the cyst appears to be completely gone (no more lump under the skin).

I also cannot say what it can do for ice pick scarring. My guess is that it would give you some improvement but that it would take a long while (maybe 1 yr +), since it's a deeper scar.

So far, I've been using the oil for about two months. I started noticing real improvement (in my shallow indented scarring) about two weeks ago. I kept waiting for my scars to be more noticeable on some days, as it had always used to happen. But *knock on wood* my scars seem to actually be healing up because they look better all the time. My self-confidence is coming back, regardless of my current cysts and other active acne. Yipee!


We're talking about indented scarring left after the red marks are gone.


I would recommend that you use only 100% pure rose hip oil, rather than a lotion. The potency, I guarantee, is a big factor in the healing of scars. Go for the pure stuff, which can be found at your local healthfood store. (It's generally found in the aromatherapy section.)

Take care, Everyone!

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