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bryan adams... hehe

anyway, laser, in the hands of a skilled professional (that's sometimes difficult to ascertain, i realize), is highly effective in treating scarring. carbon dioxide generally works better for deeper scarring, but for moderate and mild, erbium lasers will suffice. most surgeons who are 'with it' you'll find utilize both, perhaps even during the same treatment if needed.

the depth of each pass with the co2 laser is deeper than it is with erbium, which allows for better control so to say, with the latter (erbium). the erbium also does not give off as much heat, which is both a pro and con, which can be weighed accordingly after considering one's needs. on one hand, with less heat, there is not as great a potential for dispigmetation to occur (hypo or hyperpigmenation) after surgery. on the other, more heat better stimulates the collagen in your skin, which will serve to produce somewhat of a tightening effect on your skin.

it's not easy waiting around on results, especially after having to do with scarring and such for so long as many do. but, patience often will pay off in the end for those who consider more than just their quickest and most efficient options. oftentimes, you'll find that by treating these things with less drastic measures over a period of time, not only will you greatly decrease any risks present, but that over time you'll also end up with similar results. this isn't exactly something most will, or can, find much room for patience for though.

you mentioned you had some mild and moderate scarring. you might want to try and address that first, and then worry about the more severe scarring later. it could be possible that you'll find that a full face laser won't be necesary as other methods (i'm using glycolic acid peels now for mild and moderate scarring which are helping a great deal) may essentially take care of your lesser scaring, leaving the option open for mere spot treatments with the laser, which is a much better deal in almost every aspect. it's just something to consider, though it doesn't necessarily have to be patterned like that. there are other options.

tca peels may also be helpful. higher percentage ones however pose about the same risk as erbium laser and perhaps even co2. most of the procedures which go into your skin's dermis will likely cause your skin to lose its ability to pigment, or tan. that's something else to consider, and another reason why doing less invasive procedures over time might be worth it in the end.

ruffeo is right though. that's why you should spend a geat deal of time on the internet researching various procedures and such. you won't be able to decipher everyhing or place it in its proper context necessarily as you'll find varying (and often confusing) typs of info out there, but, it'll give you a good base to work with. the internet will likely be your best source of information, and you'll be able to go into your consultation with more assurance and confidence than you otherwise would've. if you have any other questions though, i'll see if i can help.

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