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it's not that lighter chemical peels, such as the ones you're having and glycolic acid, become ineffective, rather, that they may lose some of their effectiveness over an extended period of time. this is really only in regards to things like collagen stimulation for scars and wrinkles and such. they should still work the same on red marks and the like (i have the same problem as you, and no, i don't think it's normal. i'm going to see about why the acne i get does this sometime. it's frustrating).

i just had a 70% glycolic acid peel which was left on for longer than usual, and, i had very minimal peeling. i've noticed a change though, so, it's still effective. sometimes,you won't have much noticeable peeling with it. i've noticed though that my skin has adjusted to them, and, i have less peeling and so on each time. doesn't mean i'm not having as great of results though, only that my skin is reacting different. over time however, with several more peels, i may very likely see that the same effect is harder to come by. if it comes to that, a break should be all that's needed to allow the skin to readjust so it can be done again at prior level of effectiveness. it's not good in general to keep doing the peels at such high percentages for a long while.

i'm now taking a product called cellex-c to aid in the process, and, i'll see how that goes and let people know when the time comes. i don't think glycolic acid will be a problem for your skin, but it's good you have a derm who is at least cautious about it. if i were you, i would call around to the various plastic surgeons' offices in your area and ask each one who performs those peels if it's safe to do so on your skin. that'll give you an idea. something to work with at least. glycolic peels are generally safe for most skin tones. what causes the problem mostly is the amount of time they're left on, as they aren't self-ending, and need neutralized. 3 minutes is more or less the 'safe' length of time for peels. you're asian, right (i thought i remembered you saying so once)? i'll ask the lady who does my peels next time what she thinks about it, so you can have another opinion.

as for nlite, it seems promising for certain types of scarring, but the jury's still out mainly. what exactly are you wanting to have addressed though by the nlite? i looked on the nlite site,, and it looks like there are doctors in ann arbor and monroe, i think it was. you can check it out, and then maybe call their offices. what was it you were wanting to know about a consultation though? in reference to what?

hope i hit on everything. if not, let me know and i'll see if i can help.

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