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Re: Acne Scars
Apr 16, 2001
Hiya Oasisman - if these "scars" you're talking about are only red marks, and not indentations or anything then they will fade on their own, only they could feasibly take up to a year. You can spend about $100 a pop for a series of microdermabrasion sessions, or get a prescription for a cream like azelex (sp?), just go to the derm and tell him your dilemna. From other posts I've read about vaseline, it seems that it initially makes the red marks even darker for a bit, but then after a couple months really gets rid of them good... mind you, i've never tried vaseline, but i have gone in for 4 microderm sessions so far and my red marks are now completely gone. It doesn't work that way for everybody, so you'd probable be spending your money wiser if you just got a prescription cream. And no, from what it sounds like, laser would be FAR too invasive for you, and expensive to boot. Laser resurfacing is generally reserved for those with really deep crater, ice-pick scarring or pock marks, and man it really takes off your skin! good luck...

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