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Hey Killjoy, and TJ...

I have the same type of acne as you guys do, Persistant cystic acne. I only get one at a time and they take roughly 2 months to go away. By then another one forms. Killjoy, what dosage are you on? I noticed you said that this is your second course of accutane. What kind of acne did you have before your first course and when it came back was it as bad as it was before? Also, did you notice any hair thinning or hair loss in your first course? And did it grow back? Were you also clear for years after? After going through accutane, I don't want it too return...especially the cysts. When your cysts came back were they as big as they were before your first course of accutane. Killjoy, I weigh 140 lbs and is on only 20mg for roughly 17 weeks. My doc thinks that my acne isn't severe because I only get a few cysts here and there periodically and only on my forehead. Do you think my acne will return after the course. If I'm acne free for a couple of more years, I'll be happy. Maybe by then, acne won't be an issue.

For TJ, KillJoy and Savvy,
When my dosages gets upped, will I notice more side effects? I just don't want too lose anymore hair. I started to take biotin and putting oils in my hair at night to make the hair stronger. Also, Savvy, the humidifier is working great for me. I noticed that when I don't use a moisturizer at night, I wake up with the perfect amount of moisture on my face. So, I stopped using moisturizer at night. I also, did notice some improvement in certain areas. My nose doesn't have one blackhead on it. I guess all the peeling took them off. Well anyway, any of you guys have IM?
Groovelicious, I'm on 40mg/day as the initial dose (and weigh about 150lbs). It will probably be increased to 60mg/day after the first month to closer match my bodyweight - ie. 1 mg/kg for I guess 5 months. And no, I was definitely not pretty much clear after the first course. However, it did help as my acne wasn't as severe as before (it was pretty bad before the first course) and since then I barely ever had any breakouts on my forehead, nose and chin - the "T zone" - its just the damn cheeks and jawline (shaving probably aggravates things as well). I didn't have any noticeable problems with hair thinning, I have a full set of hair and hairdressers often say that I have great hair - too bad I have crappy skin though!!!

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