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Concerning scar removal... I am 29, having first experienced skin problems from about 16. I tried this & that remedy (nothing 'hard core') then went on Diane-35 for the next few years. This I think succeeded in controlling breakouts, however I was left with surface pitting, open pores, small red veins here & there, plus hyperpigmentation (caused by the pill). It was always my dream to one day be rid of all these flaws and finally be 'normal'. The solution to me was laser surgery and a few months ago, at significant expense, and believing my breakouts to be contained, I finally underwent this. After my earlier consultations with the derm./surgeon it was recommended I go off the pill to prevent recurrence of the hyperpigmentation post-surgery, and so I immediately stopped. One of the cautions about laser surgery was that in a few rare cases, acne is re-stimulated, but I was prepared to risk that - after all, surely my luck was bound to change??! HOWEVER now, about 5 months after my surgery (combination of C02 & Erbium laser), I feel it has been a waste of time & money. My skin problems have returned, and I am unsure if this is because of the fact I stopped taking Diane or because the surgery did in fact cause adverse stimulation. I can't see that much difference in pitting and my dark areas of pigmentation only reduced after a couple of subsequent 'Photoderm' treatments (excellent at removing red veins & general redness). I seriously considered taking Roaccutane but chickened out after reading a whole bunch of scary stuff on the internet. I've recently resumed Diane-35 and am impatiently waiting for it to kick in. So... depending on the method of scar removal being sought, it may be best to wait until either nature takes its course, esp if you're young, or breakouts are dormant. Even though my experiment kinda backfired, I had to try - when I felt that I had 'the solution' within my grasp it gave me a sense of hope & optimism that I hadn't felt in ages.

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