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<<I apologize for the way that my last post came across. I didn't mean to sound oh-so-grateful for having acne rather than something like MS. I also wasn't trying to say that some other physical ailment must be so much worse than acne.>>

No need to apologize at all!!! i'm glad you wrote back though. i feel that to many people under estimate something "cosmetic" like acne. even doctors point out that "it could be much worse" like severe acne is something to be grateful for. in my case they can't do that anymore, because i am viewed as that "much worse" they are talking about. they don't realize that severe acne is crippling and destructive. when your face is disfigured it is not something to take lightly.

<< I just wanted to stress that I allowed myself to get so wrapped up in my acne woes, that my eyes were blinded to the struggles of others. I snapped out of my "poor me" mentality the moment I saw that young man. It became more obvious that we're all working through things in this lifetime; mine happens to be acne and scarring from it. >>

yeah, its true everyone (or most everyone) deals with some kind of sh*t in their life. some people have what seems to be the world and they throw it to the wind. some people deal with sh*t better than others. my dad had very severe acne just like me and he said that one day he just said F*** it to the world and it didn't bother him any more. he said if people didn't like it they could go to hell. i have that wonderful attitude when it comes to my disability (if people find my disability offensive, or "distracting" ....which people do believe it or not....i say f*** them and i make sure to tell them that:-) my acne and acne scarred face however kills me and i am extremely over sensitive about it. so you are not alone.

<<I find your courage and spirit to be very inspiring. Many people in this world would give up on life, if they needed the use of a wheelchair. Just thinking about it, I can imagine myself being one of those so quick to give up, since I allowed acne to get the best of me. >>

thank you. actually, i think i'm pretty much the same as you in a different way. i see it as my wheelchair is not "the worst it could be"....i used to have acne so bad people would turn away, so i should be thankful that i'm "only in a wheelchair now". so in a sense, the acne made me think that was the absolute worst, and so when i got better i feel "normal" now. is that hard to understand?

<<Speaking as one who (currently) has the full use of my legs, I want to add that I didn't cry over that young man--and certainly not because of his way of walking. I just felt sad that I had allowed myself to get so down about my face, when I could have other issues to deal with. I really need to put my skin condition in a broader perspective and just deal with it more acceptingly.>>

you and me both then. i'm also trying to work on my shattered self esteem and except that i'll never have smooth, beautiful skin, but i can have "normal" decent skin. but we also need to realize that we are human and we have the right to feel angry and sad about our situation. if we just sucked it up when it really did bother us, one day it will explode. i think we should cry over it and work on viewing ourselves as best we can....

<<PS: Did you ever find the cause of your cystic acne? What did you do to help yourself? I still cannot put a finger on why I developed cystic acne in my early twenties, after all the previous acne struggles I've had.>>

mmmmmmm, i started getting very, very severe acne right from the start at 15 years old. it was BAD. i tried every kind of antibiotic more then once, got chemical peels every week for a year, tried vitamins, all topicals, all over the counter meds and evrything else i could think of. fINALLY at age 19 i got a full course of accutane at 80mgs a day (when i was only 118lbs.....thats how bad my acne was, the docs wanted to get rid of it so put me on a very high dose for my weight!) i went from over 100 cysts on my face (hundreds more on my chest, back, shoulders, thighs and butt) down to nothing!!! i felt like i had just been given a new life. i am badly scarred, but thats better then huge cysts. i started getting a couple cysts 2 years later and freaked out. they gave me 60mgs a day for a long time. when i went off for some reason i started getting cysts again! now they checked for problems. i ended up showing that i have extremely high androgen levels (3x normal!!!) i had an MRI done for a tumor, but none was found. the MRI showed i have "enlarged, cystic ovaries". i also have over active adrenal glands. both adrenal and ovary are causing my high androgens, thus causing the acne. i probably have PCOS and/or CAH (adrenal hyperplasia). i also have insulin problems.

i now take high doses of Aldactone (spironolactone) to block the male androgen hormones. i order it over the internet as well as get it prescribed by the doctors. i also take 20mgs of Accutane a week, a long term-low dose approach to just suppress any acne. lastly i use a topical, Avita (generic version of Retin-A Micro). all this keeps my skin normal. Thank you God!!!

thanks for you note. hope to hear from you again!


Take care,

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