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Re: How safe is b5?
Jan 11, 2001
no no, that's wrong, B5 is just pantothenic acid, whereas B-complex has all the B-vitamins and too much of one of the other B-vitamins might give you problems (though kidney pain as a result of just taking one B-100 a day seems kinda ridiculous, unless you have sensitive kidneys or something). i am currently on 16g B5 a day (4 doses of 8 500mg pills, i swallow 'em two at a time yum) and i never ever had diarhhea or even mild gastric upset, and i take them on an empty stomach too. My urine is very clear. Most people can handle B5 just fine! Even if you have mild acne sternrad, I'd recommend taking 6g/day spaced out, 2g morn, 2g afternoon, 2g night.

and i don't know about zinc helping you break down B vitamins, usually zinc is blamed for inhibiting absorption of many other vitamins. but you should still take 30-60mg of zinc/day, as it's good for skin and works synergistically with vitamins A (&E) (in the body, but it doesn't help absorption of A & E in the intestines), but it should be taken alone ideally.
Re: How safe is b5?
Jan 11, 2001
tommy jojo:
again, thanks for the great info. Im looking at the back of my GNC multivitamin bottle and it says its got 15mg of zinc and i take it twice a day which would = 30mg, BUT it says its "zinc (as zinc oxide)" you say zinc orotate, zinc gluconate, or that OptiZinc stuff are the best forms of zinc so do you think it would be good to stop this multivitamin stuff and buy my vitamins seperate so i get the right amount of each thing? because i also see that the vitamin A's are 20,000 IU but its 75% beta-caroteen, 25% acetate. which means there is no retinol present im assuming. im so confused on what i should take now.. but i do think im gonna skip taking the niocinamide and biotin since my case of acne isnt that bad. ohh and also, i don't think the gnc brand of 500mg b5 that i bought is timed-release. i hope it doesnt make too much of a difference. basically, im just looking for a good regimen to follow everyday that will eliminate the tiny bumps under my skin, prevent the cysts (around my jawline) and make my skin less oily. if i can get that ill be happy. right now im using retin-A at night, benzamicin during the day, and neutogena gentle facial cleanser to wash my face twice a day. and today i began taking my first doses of the GNC multivitamin and the B5. if you could give me advice about what supplements i may need more of that im not getting enough of through the GNC multivitamin that would be awesome! thanks

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