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Re: Dermalux AV
Apr 2, 2001
i have seen this online before. It was developed by Dr. Tony Chu a dermo. that specializes in many fields in the study, one in particular, acne. As far as ever trying this product out, I am very intrigued by it! I might even think about buying it.

Here's a lil tid bit on it:

A New And Effective Treatment For Acne Sufferers

London - Researchers at Hammersmith Hospital in London have developed a new, effective treatment for acne without the use of antibiotics or UV rays from sunlight.

Dr. Tony Chu, consultant dermatologist at the Hammersmith, has discovered that regular sessions with a special kind of light treatment a combination of blue and red light can radically improve the number of (visible) spots in mild to moderate acne sufferers.

The discovery is revealed in the July issue of the British Journal of Dermatology.

While UV rays in natural sunlight can help clear up acne, they also harm the skin. Other forms of light with higher wavelengths, however, can help treat acne in a similar way but without causing damage.

Dr. Chu found that blue light works by killing off the bacteria in the skin that causes the acne, while red light appears to aid the healing process.

Both the blue and red lights have higher wavelengths than ultraviolet sun and, possess different properties. The blue light is visible and peaks at 415nm (nanometers), while the red light peaks at 660nm.

In clinical trials at the Hammersmith, Dr. Chu found that this combination of light treatment led to an average improvement of 76% in the number of visible spots after just 12 weeks. The patients were sent home with portable light sources and used the treatment for 15 minutes on a daily basis.

The study was the first ever to compare this mixture of blue and red light treatment against benzoyl peroxide, the most commonly used antibiotic for acne.

Dr. Tony Chu, commented:"As more people become antibiotic resistant, this new treatment looks set to help thousands of acne sufferers across the world. The combination of red and blue light attacks the acne and heals the skin, through their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory actions, and importantly, without any side effects.Our challenge now lies in extending this finding to other more severe cases of acne, finding ways of incorporating this treatment into their therapy."

Source: Hammersmith Research

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