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Hey everyone!

Most of you know me as PharmacyMan, or much older FilmGuy.

I was writing my acne journal for a while and then vanished like a thought in the wind. I havn't posted here in like three months. Since then I have still been going to the same derm and have had about 4 facial peels. For the most part my derm visit have been pretty good since my last journal. My face has changed alot.

So... Since then I have shaved off my afro, my skin is clearing up alot, though I still have a bit of acne on my chin, and they hurt a bit too. With my hair cut off and my skin clearing up, my social life is increasing much as well. For example, in just one week I had 3 or 4 girls come up to me talkin' - askin' my name and tellin' me to say "hi" the next time I see them and all the good stuff.

Since then I have become more active, foolin' around and stuff like that. I laugh a whole lot more than I did before. I will be gettin' my braces off as well. Not only that, but I might have a chance of getting my ALERO (car) this summer as well as attending New York Film Academy.

I'm not sayin' this to show off, becuase I have been on acne meds for 7 months (fast how months just fly by) -- so I have no reason to show off.

Again, I don't mean to brag at all, but life's been good. And this written to tell everyone to hang in their. The road is gonna be rocky up ahead, but beyond that rocky road is smooth pavement.

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