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Red, Crusty Patches
Oct 29, 2001
Ok ever since i got pregnant, I have had major skin issues! but let me give a little history here... about 7 months before i got pregnant i started using retin-a for very mild acne (mostly little white bumps under my skin) then when i got pregnant i had to stop the retin a and about a month after my skin looked terrible! then aboiut a month after that i developed a sort of rash on face (little red scaly patches spread out and one really bad big one on my forehead. then after a bunch of microdermabrasion and some cortisone crap my doctor gave me (that breaks me out big time) it was under control but i still had those bumps. so about 6 months ago i started retin-a agai and of course it made me look the worst i've ever looked in my life for about 10 weeks then all of a sudden, much better.... but from day to day it varies- sometimes myy skin looks great and sometimes it looks soooo bad. but this is whats going on now...(i started B5 2 weeks ago) every single pore on my face is clogged, i have those red patches on both cheeks and one side of my nose, they will alll dried out and flaky and i can rub off all the dead skin in the shower but then its red and raw. also there is a ton of little bumps and oil under there.why is my skin so F***** up???????????????

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