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here are the various i've tried before :

1)Retin-A Cream - not really recommended, although you could see the results perhaps later you have to be patient because your acne get worst first, there increased redness, although it's a prescribed product it once of the worst i used, given the time you have to wait, there are more products that offer more benefits. Overall : 0.5/5

2)Lemon juice - someone once said that lemon can lightened the redness on your face, not so i noticed the redness still take time to disappear, but it did get reach of the small comedone on my first undertaking, & it was very effective against the comedone but after stopping and returning back a few months later, the results wasn't as encouraging. Overall : 2/5

3)Tea-tree oil - it has some effects against the acne but its usefulness is really limited, i think it can help when you are going to use with other medication, but alone it's effectiveness will not help you to prevent a breakout. although used it for a long time, don't really recommend it as a cleanser, because what use of a cleanser, if it's a bit harsh but is only very minimally useful. Overall 2.5/5

4)Sulphur soap - the one i used isn't that good, so i don't have a great impression of using sulphur soap

5)Aloe vera cream - not really that's fantastic, although people has said that it can reduce redness, i don't see the effect fast enough.

6)diet - cutting down on oily food, chocolate and various other stuff are accessory in managing acne, i think they got some effect but to me even if you are very stringent on your diet, you may not control outbreak completely, it just to prevent the situation from getting worst, but to me it's essential 3/5

7)water - if you drink plenty of water, it can help but to me again it's not the single most important thing but again it's essential 3/5

8)toner - not much luck with it 1.5/5

9)herbal tea - this is recommended, i take some eastern herbal tea and echinacea tea as well, echinacea is really useful because it's actually help your immune system, somehow i'm of the impression that controlling acne from within is more effective. 3/5

10)benzoyl peroxide - very useful against small comedone, a must for everyone. 4/5

11)purpose soap - this one is good, learnt about it from the board, not too harsh and it's just remove the oil, don't be taken by gimmicks that offer cleanser that are super-power, they claim can reduce the oil, get rid of acne totally, i think it's just plain fluke but somehow everyone have the impression that to get rid of the acne you just use cleanser, that's how i get started, i think that how everyone get started until we started to use more and more expensive cleanser and oh they don't work 3.5/5

12)B5 - it's use was prevalent across board member, i tried it and was satisfied by the way it cut down the oil on my face, but i didn't go beyond 1.5 gram because it is too expensive for me to afford, according to the science paper i posted, the doctor uses 10-15 g of B5 to get the desired result. 3.5/5

13)zinc - it's good, i think one of the must-have if you are taking supplement, according to a study zinc have comparable results with tetracyclin but my experience said that it can help to keep the acne at bay but the important thing is that you won't have scar even after your cystic acne is gone, i noticed those scar just gone away after the redness is gone, something i was very glad, and i tried having it when i was having my flu and they were even more effective than antibiotics for curing flu. 5/5

14)antioxidant - (beta-carotene, vitamin c, vitamin e, selenium), used to have them before i started one hypernacine, they help to keep your acne at bay when you are having then, they effectiveness can be proven because twice i stopped taking them when i was sick during that period and the acne started coming up, when i resume taking that within a week or 2, the acne was kept at bay. 4/5

15)echinacea - if you have none cystic acne, echinancea and benzoyl peroxide are the perfect combo to keep your non-cystic acne at bay 5/5

16)vitamin A - it has been common to take betacartone instead of vitamin A because the latter is known to be toxic at high dosage but anyway my opinion is that if you take betacarotene you need to at least 10,000 IU of vitamin A for the effect to be seened, somehow if i used betacarotene and no vitamin A the effect wasn't very good.

17)herpanacine - a formula that aimed to clear acne from deep within, contained antioxidant like betacarotene, vitamin E, selenium together with echinacea,Sarsaparilla etc. it's really recommended, i have been only on it from 3 weeks, but the effect is pretty good, previously a pimple that first started will take about 2 weeks or slightly less to disappear, but upon taking herpanacine on day 2 it started to force the yellow pus out of the acne and it just take another few days for the pimple to disappear completely my experience is that once the yellow pus is out the pimple will not last long. herpanacine is available in the states, and the net as well. for those who are used to taking supplement like antioxidant, i recommend this product because other than the usual supplement that everyone of us are too familiar about, it has the speical herpancine blend that contains other essential substance. 5/5

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