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I can tell you what didn't work for me:
(mild cystic acne)

No improvement - Meds
1)Proactiv - it gave me cystic acne
2)Avita - Destroyed my skin
3)Tetracycline - No improvement
4)Minocycline - Temporary, and then it comes back in full force

Some Improvement - Meds
1) Retin-a Micro
2) Triaz - but does not help with cysts

No Improvement - Washes
1) AcneLogic - I think thats the ends with logic...and comes in a nice bottle
2) Neutrogena - the whole line
3) Clearisel

Some Improvement - Washes
1) Purpose
2) Purpose
3) Purpose
4) Cetaphil - Did I also mention Purpose?
5) Cold water only - (It's what I'm trying to do now)
6) Plexion

Vitamins - No Improvement
1) B5 - temporary and gave me more cysts.
2) Indian and chinese herbs - Just good laxatives
3) Saw Palmetto

Vitamins - Some Improvement
1) Zinc
2) Vitamin E
3) Vitamin C

Moisturizers - No Improvement
1) Neutrogena line

Moisturizers - Some Improvement
1) Purpose/AHA - This is a great moisturizer w/ glycolic acid. But it can irritate if you are on serious meds or topicals.
2) Clinique - DDML
3) Aloe - Fruit of the Earth is great.
4) Cetaphil - Sometimes it can make your skin look great and other days it looks like crap.

I'm on accutane now, and I will let you guys know in 3 months if this worked. Remember, everyone's different...these are just the things that didn't work for me.

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