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This is for Neil and Gianni: Neil, yes reading these message boards can add to the obsession. But for me, it doesn't. I read about all these kooky solutions and people who are desperate and it confirms it all for me. I see that there is no cure for acne, and at best, medications give a temporary result, and some peoples diet and vitamin probably give a placebo effect. Dr. Sarno says that placebo effects will only last a short time, but is further evidence that the mind is involved. As the theory says, the subconscious mind is doing this, and we have to teach ourselves to use our conscious mind to over-ride it. You don't have to reduce stress.

And for Gianni, yes, you have got it! The mind creates the acne to distract us, and once you stop worrying about it, it goes away. For some people, falling in love makes them stop worrying and it truly does go away. SOmetimes it goes away for reasons I don't know. But for me, and many people on this board, we have had problems for years because we allow it to take over our lives. I think Dr. Sarno's solution works. You teach your conscious mind to take over, and you have to work on not letting it bother you.

And back to Neil again, yes meditation helps. What I do is a different type of meditation. All day, I constantly remind myself that the acne is just a distraction and I tell my brain to stop it. Before bed, I just repeat it over and over again, and eventually it will slip into your subconscious. THe subconscious mind plays a big role in this. Also, I try not to let the acne bother me. THat is the hardest part of it.

I talk on the phone once a week with a TMS counselor, who is a woman who had severe TMS symptoms 10 years ago, but is doing well now.

I recommend checking out Sarno's book. Don't be put off by the fact that he concentrates on back pain and muscles. Acne is part of it too. My acne is just about gone now, but I am still working hard on keeping it away. I know this sounds a little vague. But read the book, and keep re-reading it until it sinks in. I read parts of the book every night for two months, so I probably read it about 10 times. Educating yourself on the way that your brain works is the first step in changing this. Good luck

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