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My face HURTS!!!

so, I am trying and experimenting with things... which was probably a bad Idea. My face feels burnt and tighter then tight. Why I still don't know. I washed my face twice today, and i had this one part of my skin that felt like someone was just holding a lighter up to it, it was cracking, and hurt to even open my mouth (which it still does might I add) SO I washed it again this afternoon, thinking it was just dead skin caught in the pores or something, since usually when it feels as though my face is wind burnt that's what it means. So I took out the good ol vinger/water, and scrubbed. :( I think I almost cried. It hurt so much and when I was done it looked like little red dots.... like blood, I don't think i was suppose to do that... anyway, it still hurts, not as bad but it still hurts.

My mom decided to attack my face, she says "everytime i do this, your face seems better" (this was thursday when she attacked my face) this time it's worse... I think this is the worst week, or month of acne I have ever had, in my whole life.

I talked to my brother today due to the fact that my mom who is like a doctor basically and a cosmetoligist (why she does my face one and a while, she also lends me all her acne medications...)aint here, anyway I was talking to my brother, who used to be REALLY bad (acne), well he is turning 20 in like 3 days, and his face looks soooo good now, I am sitting here talking to him about my face, because he wants to know what the hell happened, since I am walking around the house saying "ow" His face is so clear, I am like what do you do, and he says, "I don't really wash my face, I mean I do but I don't do it twice a day or everyday, I stopped eating certain foods, that I found broke me out, and i think it's clearing up now that I am getting older." I said I would try it, probably only cus my face hurts and he said to give it a break. Not sure though. I think it was from all the stress I had this week, I really don't even know, all my experimenting is confusing me. Oh well. ALl I know is IT HURTS! Thank you for allowing me to share this with you, if you have any tips, why this happened... anything, feel free to respond. in fact I encouarge it, cus I know for a fact everyone here knows more then I do on this subject. lol.

Much Love To Ya


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