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Hey guys,

Well I've finally decided to take the big plunge and try something new in hopes to clear up my acne. I've been following the advice of my dermatologist for six years now and have gotten nowhere. I went to see another doctor in town who performs glycolic acid peels. She sold me their skin regimen kit to start off with and said to come back in a week (or whenever I can afford it) to get my first peel. I'm feeling VERY nervous but excited at the same time. I've been ripped off by so many products this new thing scares the h*ll out of me. So far so good though.

I'm taking a series of before and after pictures just to see if the product is working. I will share them with the board if you guys are interested. I have bad scarring with redmarks all over my face and some pitting. I still break out from pustulates on occassion but not as bad as I used to. Basically I'm left working with a mess left over from all the creams and soaps my derm had me on.

For anyone interested I've been on: tetracycline, minocycline, Marvelon 28, Diane35, K-Flex, ProActiv, Solugel8, Benzol Peroxide, Clindamycin and Accutane twice. During both treatments of Accutane I suffered from severe folliculitis breakouts and had to be taken off the medication. My dermatologist said he had never seen anyone react to Accutane like that and after discussions with various other dermatologists at seminars they concluded they had never seen anything like it either. Makes you feel really good about yourself huh? Kinda like a bunch of kids going "COoollll we've never seen that before" except it's about your face. But anyways...

I've taken my own path and I pray to God that it works. If anyone else has had experience using the NeoStrata skin regimen products and having glycolic acid peels would they mind sharing their results with me? I could really use a friend through all of this. It's so tough when you feel like the only one.

Thanks for your time guys, take care,


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