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Re: For undertaker
Feb 2, 2001
don't mess with The Undertaker, he's a fifth-year med student at Johns Hopkins! yeah guys, i really regret the 16g of B5 i take a day. first of all, B5 is HIGHLY addictive, i mean, i used to get a MAJOR buzz from just 2g but now i need 16g or I get migraines and jock itch. sometimes when i feel like i wanna hava great day, i take 25g!!! oh man, it's like speed except better!!! kkekkeke!

also many unwanted side effects: i'm completely bald now except for my ear hair. my pubic hair fell out first, actually, it's really cool, i look 11, and my daddy says he likes me better this way (when he molests me). my balls are small and shriveled, and i'm growing breasts. it's the new me! every day i thank god for giving me acne and thus allowing me to find the real me, the person i truly always wanted to be! an effeminite B5 addict! yeah!!!
Re: For undertaker
Feb 2, 2001
Now Now boys

Theres no need to get nasty towards each other. Tommy I agree with you about B5 having no side effects whatsoever on me (JUST NOW). But alot of other people it may effect differently. You may remember a while ago I was aggreeing with Undertaker about the hairloss thing. He claimed clumps of hair where coming out in the shower. I was exaggerating a bit, I only had a few single strands come out when I pulled quite hard. I forgot I used to get this a few years back when I was like 16 or something. The doctor told me this is natural because believe it or not humans shed old hair. This has just about stopped now, so I guess my shedding is over for a few months or years or whatever. But on the other hand I am not totally disaggreeing with what the undertaker says. Although right now B5 is working great, who knows what damage it may cause in the long run. Yes I know that in theory no damage should be caused by B5 because it is a water soluble. But since it is only recently been taken in such high doses to treat acne, there is no hard evidence of what damage could be done 10-20 years down the line. How many drugs in the past have thought to be perfectly safe at the time, only for sceintists to discover 10 years later that long term use can be harmful, 10 years to late for some people. That is why I would recommend staying within reasonable doses of B5 JUST TO BE ENTIRELY SAFE. Remember Scientist do not yet know everything about the human body and many chemical reactions inside it are still not entirely understood, so B5 can never be entirely 100% safe at such high doses.

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