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Finally! I've been to find posts from someone that has had dermabrasion. Thanks J1906 (and of course to bella01 for posing the question). I know the trend today is using lasers for facial scars and overall skin rejuvination but I have been advised by two different derms that because of my skin color (tan filipino) laser's would not be a good option for me. In addition, with my ice pick scarring I would probably have to go through two different procedures (punch excision, followed by dermabrasion) to get the best results.

J1906, couple questions relating to your experience.

Were you put on a topical lightening program prior to the procedure? If so what type and how long were you on it?

Were you advised by your surgeon that your skin may not revert back to it's original color? (In fact I've read that it may result in lighter skin compared to the non-dermabraded areas.)

Was your cover up successful in totally camoflauging the abraded area? How long did you wear make up? I don't know your gender so please pardon me if it sounds rather rude. I'm a typical guy who has no clue in applying make up or cover up for that matter, however, I'll do whatever's necessary to face the public.

After 5 months could you tell that you had something done to your nose in relation to the surrounding areas of your face that was not dermabraded?

You mentioned that "sunlight helps the repigmentation process." I have been told that after dermabrasion or lasers sun avoidance should be adhered to for at least 3 or 4 months. Tanning could result in hyperpigmentation of the affected area. On the other end of the spectrum, permanent lightening of the skin could result, but I guess in your case it didn't happen.

In my case, my scarring is mostly on my cheeks and I'm considering having my whole face so everything is even and there isn't really a marked difference between the non-dermabraded areas. Oh, BTW, Bella01, the last derm I saw gave me a $1800 estimate for the full face dermabrasion.

Hope to hear from anyone else w/ a dermabrasion experience or anyone with questions of their own.


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