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Re: Accutane
Jun 7, 2001
hey, lyn! i, also, have been on acutane for approx a month and a half......beginning just two days after taking it, my skin began breaking out horribly...forreal, i've never experienced such a feeling of ugliness and just general has really begun to clear up recently (as of the past 2 weeks), but the redness of my best friends was on acutane about 6 months ago, and her face was craaaaazy red the entire time, but she didn't wear make-up to conceal anything. basically, acutane causes forced exfoliation of the skin, and the new, soft layers underneath are prolly very sensitive and tender....what type of soap are you using? cetaphil and purpose are very gentle cleansers that moisturize the skin and are recommended by most dermatologists.....the type of cleanser you're using may be irritating your skin, as well.....really, i don't know what i'm talking about, and am not sure if i have even ANSWERED your question.....but i truly hope the acutane works wonders for you, cos acne destroys lives, and that's not a good thing; now is it? anywhoo, have a most excellent day and best of luck!! abs

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