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had my visit today with the doc, it started with the usual filling out of questions and answers. next a very nice girl came to me and brought me in a room and had me sit on a stool with numbers 1-4 on the floor with a camera setup to take my facial shots. from there they were sent to the doctors office so he could view them. when we were done i waited about 5 minutes and she came back to bring me in.
i will skip you know the story of when how bad my story was like all of us and get to the more important stuff. i told him that around the early 80's i went to a doctor about my cystic acne scarring and had collagen implants to which i was not very happy. he observed me and i asked him what classification that my scarring was to which i thought was deep and severe. he said moderately deep and moderately severe. he has seen worse. he explained what procedure he would use and how he uses it. i will try to remember everything he said but i was so engrossed trying to ask as many questions as i could, so i will do my best. he uses the 5000 coherent c02 laser.he dosen't use dermabrasion or deep phenol peels because of risk of the color of skin changing.
he showed me my pictures on his big computer screen all angles and i hate to see myself on that believe me. he told me directly that i would see about 50 to 60 % improvement in my skin after the treatment.his computer used a image going over the screen with a wand and marking the areas with the wand, he had say 60% improvement downloaded so i could see the result of my skin after that to use as his guide to see what my skin would look like.he said that it would not go 100% but i knew that anyway and i am not looking for that because i don't think that is possible. i was however happy with what i saw and seeing as my forehead and temples he said were probably the areas that would receive the best results after surgery. my areas around my mouth on lower cheeks are more deeper than the rest of scarring on my face so that would get the least amount of improvement. if i wanted to improve at a later time i could go over them areas again. he said he used a cylon mask, not sure how that is spelled to cover my face it looked like a clear wrap mask over the skin and that reduces the redness and whatever damage that goes on during the surgery. i would have to wear that for 5 days after.unless i misunderstood him i thought that i would have that on during the surgery, i could of misunderstoood him. he said that no excisions or grafts would be needed. i would have a 3 week period before the prep my skin for the surgery and a light chemical peel would be done during that time along with some creams to apply. he seemed assured with that cylon mask my healing time and the redness would be greatly reduced than if i did not use it.
i viewed many of his pics of his patients that had wrinkles bad skin texture and bad cystic acne scars one of which had my trademarks on it. saw her after pics and yes it looked good enough for me as i said not 100% but very
good. i really asked him if he thought i could have good improvement from this procedure, he told me yes. we will see he seemed to pass my test so to speak with all my questions about risks and other stuff. he seemed confident about anything like side effects and such. he wins the newspaper poll every year for best surgeon maybe he is good we will see. i left his office happy about my consultation and now discussed the mighty $$$
i was given the exact cost of treatment including surgeons fee,operating room charges,products of applicable, anesthesiologist fee so the total cost she said is 4800. i thought with my scarring it would be way over that. i told her that at the end of the year i would do it, unless i change my mind she said take my time and let them know if and when i would be ready. so now its a matter of getting the other half of the cash. they have loans for the other half. if i go sooner i will let everyone know, but i am going through with it. i will ask for copies of my pics from him of my before pics or make some myself and post them on my personal mail down the road so all can view. talk soon and everyone hang in there.

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