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i've had 7 microdermabrasion treatments so far and will probably have a couple more and then a series of glycolic acid peels which i couldn't get sooner because of accutane use. so far, i'm relatively happy with the result, though there's definitely room for improvement. i started noticing a real change after about the fifth time, maybe the fourth. the last time, i had them put the machine on a much higher strength, and in just that one treatment i noticed a difference thereafter, whereas much of the change i've seen before has been gradual. so, i'm hoping a couple more will do the same.

for mild to moderate acne scarring, or, anything for that matter really, you don't wanna go with dermabrasion. not only are there better alternatives to dermabrasion, but they are also not necessary in the first place for that type of problem, depending upon the severity of the scarring, of course. glycolic acid peels might do well for you. i'm going to have a few sessions they call super power peels, where they apply glycolic acid and then three days later do a microdermabrasion for a deeper exfoliation. i'll see how that goes. glycolic acid peels are also cheaper than microdermabrasion. i'd also visit a reputable plastic surgeon in your area. or two perhaps. i wouldn't listen to what most dermatologists have to tell you in this area. a great deal of them seem behind, and a skilled plastic surgeon will be able to offer you the best solutions and ways of going about addressing the situation.

you also want to make sure the machine they'll be using for microdermabrasion is powerful enough. there are several types of machines, and brands. places like spas and such have microdermabrasion machines, but they'll do no good. this as opposed to what most plastic surgeons' offices will have, which allow for deeper peeling. that's something you need to check on.

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