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To Frustrated24: I think it's been three months now that I've used Tazorac, as well as ortho tricyclen. I remember thinking that by New Year's my skin "should" look better because the pill and tazorac, I've heard take a few months to work or show results. Tazorac seemed to clear my skin up pretty quickly, not completely of course, but it did improve. I'd say in the first week or two I saw improvement. It got better, then seemed to stay at the same point for awhile. Now my skin is pretty clear but I still get some pimples and lately I've noticed I even get those large cystic kind. I just got one a few days ago that made me look like I'd been punched or something! The whole area was kind of swollen. I put some triaz gel, which is 10% benzoyl peroxide, on it that my derm gave me a sample of. It helped, but I was tempted to get a cortizone injection for it, which I've never had. Tazorac is the best topical I've EVER used!
At first it did itch A LOT! I waited longer after washing my face to put it on and it helped the itching. It only lasted the first few days. I peeled a little at first too, but now I don't peel anymore at all. I think my red marks from old pimples are fading, but not completely gone. My main concern is my deep crater-like scars.
How long have you been using Tazorac? It has helped my skin a lot, but like yours, mine is still not perfect. I'm wondering if anyone knows about this: I tried putting vitamin E on my face to possibly help with the scarring... I have vitamin E in pill form, but it's a gel pill. I opening it up and put the liquidy part on my face. It was very sticky. In the morning I noticed that the surface of my skin seemed smoother. Either it was my imagination or somehow the vitamin E helped. I don't know if it's temporary, as if my skin tightened up or something, but I would love to know if anyone has tried this or knows more about it.
I have noticed that Tazorac seems to leave my skin's surface nicer in the morning, since I put it on at night, but the scars don't seem any better. I'll have to see if putting vitamin E on my skin helps over time. I can't wait for my dermatologist appointment!

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