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ok i need some more help here,

Ive been taking b5 for awhile now. started at 3g a day and have worked my way up to 5.5g now. Once i hit the 5.5 mark, i basically have stopped gettnig red papules and pustules (the worst kind of acne i personally got). But now, i'm getting whiteheads EVERYWHERE. Is this a sign that i should lower, or raise my b5 dosage?

I'm using the Cetaphil with no water 2 time sa day, and 2.5% BP once a day. I'm also occassionly using St Ives Apricot Scrub. Anybody have any suggetsions how to get rid of these whiteheads? I have never gotten more than 1 every few months before and now i have tons!!! Whats up??!?!?

Oh and finally, if i picked a whitehead ( i know very bad i know), and now its kinda a scab, how long do those usually take to go away, assuming i dont pick anymore?

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