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24 year old female, mild/moderate hormonal cystic acne, 80mg/day

oily skin, lips fine, initial breakout small painful cysts in places I don't usually get pimples (cheek under eye, forehead) as well as places I do (cheeks beside nose, chin). Losing gobs of hair.

Oily skin starting to dry up. Lips mildly chapped. Initial breakout gone. No pimples, skin looking great.Still losing gobs of hair and starting to worry.

Skin dry. A couple cysts, lots of small pimples on chin. Cysts coming to a head faster and red marks peeling off. Generally pimples seem to heal faster. Stopped losing hair

Skin very dry and peeling. Lips peeling and very chapped, not painful, just rough feeling. Recovering from lots of small pimples on chin and still getting a couple now and then. Cysts gone. Still not losing hair.

Skin still recovering, looking ok. Indented scar from last big cyst of week 3 evident, but will heal with time. Lips continue to be very very dry and skin still peeling, but not so bad if I keep moisturizer on it. Hair dry, not having to wash it but once a week with intense conditioning, but still not losing any to excess.

THis is where I am currently, hope it helps. My skin is still not completely clear.

Also- just changed birth control pills (Alesse gave me the acne in the first place, just switched to Yasmin).

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