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hey there, my groovelicious friend....i completely empathize with you....i've been taking accutane for about 3 months now, and while it has basically controlled any pimples from rearing their ugly heads, i have these horrible, flat bumps under my skin...EVERYWHERE....they're not neccessarily red, just like little plateaus all over my cheeks....they are un-pop-able, and mine have been there for months....this whole situation is very disconcerting for me...i just want to be carefree in public again and not burdened by this fricking acne....every morning, it is the first thing i think about....i just want to wash my face and feel smooth skin under my fingertips....i've struggled with this disease for too long now. on one hand, i've become stronger, and have gained a more fortified sense of inner personality has doveloped into something unparalleled...i'm funny and sympathetic, opinionated, but caring....if people despise me for the physical imperfections that are plaguing my face, at least they can be favorably disposed to my feigned confidence and upbeat demeanour. anyway, i suck....and i guess that's it

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