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I'm sorry, but I'm not going to sit and question every single one of my doctor's decisions. There is a reason why they are the doctor and I am not.

I do, however, realize that there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. But I am just having such a hard time with the fact that most people do NOT research the drugs they are given. Come on, I'm 19 years old and I have figured out how to do it. The internet makes things easy, and it wasn't always around. But there are other ways. I actually found 5 people that I knew personallly who had taken it. There are books in the library. Everywhere.

I know lots of this data has just recently surfaced. And it's great that this information is out there. I'm hoping that people who want to go on Accutane in the future will research the drug as I did- I sat and waited five months before taking it. I knew every single side effect and everything that could go wrong.

Accutane is still the best choice I have ever made. I trust my dermatologist 100%. The side effects got gruesome, but they were totally worth it for me.

Many dermatologists also advice to go on an anti-depressant while on it. I used Remeron. Every single appointment I had, the first thing she asked was, "How is your back, how is your eyesight, and have you had any mood changes."

And I hope everyone's dermos are as enlightened as mine. If not, that's a complete shame.

That's my opinion on it. Ta da, the end.

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