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I was recently prescribed minocycline and differin. Has anyone had a success story using these products? If so...any other hints as to what might speed up my acne healing process? Thanks a lot!

Lindsay Ann
I have no clue what differin does but miniocin kill the bacteria the causes acne. Dont know how long till it takes effect tho
Hi Lindsay Ann-
To put it simply, Differin is a retinoid which works by keeping your pores clean/exfoliating your skin. Minocycline is an antibiotic that works as a systematic "antibacterial" and is thought to work as an anti-inflammatory agent as well.

You are on pretty much the same combination as I am (I'm on minocycline and tazorac which is also a retinoid, and works in pretty much the same way) There is really no way to speed up the situation, in fact your acne will probably get worse for about the first month. I know that the differin can take anywhere from a month to about 12 weeks to work fully and the minocycline usually takes from a 1-2 monthes to work fully.
So, in the meantime, be patient, and use a gentle cleanser on your skin( many like purpose and cetaphil). Good Luck...if you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask
Dear Swiss Miss. Thanks for your reply. What makes the acne worse at the beginning? Is it the Differin or the minocycline? Have you ran into any side effects from minocycline? I've read scary repots on it. Do u have AOL or AIM..I'd like to talk about our lil situation....hehe! Doesn't it frustrate you?
Hey Lindsay Ann--
Tell ya what...I'm kinda running low on time right now...I have a ton of studying to do right now (Big Exam tomorrow) so why don't you email me your AIM screen name( [email protected]) and we can talk some more tomorrow on AIM... I will send you my screen name I just hesitate to post it here. I do know what you mean about needing someone to talk to about this kind of thing...that is the main reason I got involved in this just seems like everyone else in the world has clear skin...(not true of course...hehe...but seems like it) If you have any major questions that can't wait till tomorrow just email me and I will probably check email around 11 pm tonight. Tata for now
Hi! I'm on Differin and Minocycline and I also got on a BCP. Something is working, because after just a month my face is basically cleared up. Differin took care of the small white heads on my forehead. If you have whiteheads, i encourage asking your dr. about "acne surgery." THey basically just poke and push the crap out and the differin takes care of those from there. It's not painful just a little poke. As for the minocycline, i've only used it ten days worth and i don't know if it's that or my birth control pill that's working the rest of my face, but something is making a HUGE difference. If you're not on birth control, i'd try that (ortho try-cyclen is what i'm on). hope this helps a bit!!!
Im 14 yrs old. I was on minocycline and differen but it seems that minocycline gave me this blistery rashes all over which started in the legs. I hated it. I have sensitive skin and stuff. Now i switch my pills to this other thing and it was less stronger. The pill didnt give me rashes or anything, but, it wasnt working. On minocycline my pimples were clear but i got rashes, now this medicine doesnt give me any rashes or anything but it doesnt help my acne! Now i stopped the pill without telling my derm and just use the diferen and now my face is actually clearing up. Better than it was when i was on the pills. I know its kind of confusing, but i guess pills jsut doesnt work for me.

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