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I reacntly have been really mad about my face and how it has been destroying I have spent the whole night reashearching stuff on the internet...Ive read in some other posts about some one having succes with MSM so i typed in a search engine MSM and acne. I got tons of pages realting to how MSM works to cure it does hundreds of other things. I was going to go on b-5 but I did some research on it and people are having a lot of wierd side hair falling out and weight gain. So I neglected that idea..Over doing my research I came across a very intersting story about a guy who sufferd from severe burns for a car accident...he wasn't able to walk it caused him so much pain. After 12 years os suffering he heard that MSM lotion helps in damaged he started to use it and it eventually cured all of his damages skin. I think maybe a combo of msm lotion and about 4 grams of MSM orally + 1 g of VIT c...wich is suggested on many sites would be a good combo. I am going to start doing this and I will post about every 2 weeks. Oh yeah does anyone know where I can find MSM lotion? I would recommend going on search engine and typing MSM and acne and read up on it, it is really intersting.Hoping that this will work

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MSM is a naturally occuring component of every living cell..MSM is a bioavailable form of sulfur which is necessary for the proper function of the body's skin, hair, and nails (that's what it says on my bottle!) There is a connection between the sulfur and it helping to control acne..some acne medicines have sulfur in them and also there are antibiotics (such as Bactrim that are from the sulfur family) exactly WHAT the connection is, I am not sure, but I do know it has helped control my cystic outbreaks. You can get the capsules at Healthfood stores such as GNC as well as doing a search and finding several sites online where you can order.......It took a good month for me to start noticing improvement so don't expect overnight results........also would recommend the MSM cream it helps moisturize as well as help control the outbreaks for me! Best of luck to you!
Thank you!! I used the cream twice yesterday and it seems to have already made a very slight difference with this one particular cyst I have. It's the only one, the rest of my acne is smaller. But anyway, the cysts seems to have gone down a great deal from using this cream. It seems too good to be true, so I am sure hoping it isn't!! I'll keep you posted.

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