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Hi, I am currently on accutane right now and am very happy with it. I'm not going to say accutane is not a serious drug but the chances of you having a bad reaction to accutane are pretty low. Partly because your doctor will monitor you so closely while your on it. I did a year of research before deciding i wanted to take accutane, I've read articles, talked to people who have been on or are on it, talked to my doctor, did research on the internet, and read medical books about it. Suffice it to say, I think I'm pretty well informed. The reason you seem to hear so many negative stories is because the people that accutane has helped aren't typically going to bother to hang out on message boards like these, there problem is solved so why be here??? negative stories also seem to stick more in people's heads then positive ones dont they? What I'm saying is make an informed decision, do research, don't let one group of opinons sway you. If i had gone with the one group of people who said accutane is BAD BAD BAD then I wouldn't be as happy as I am right now, my skin started clearing after a month and finally the depression i had been feeling for the last few months (due to my breakouts) started to lift. The side effect you will for sure get is facial dryness and theres a good chance you will get dry lips and nose as well. The rest you hear about are a lot less common. Here is something that might be helpful.
chapped skin 90 %
dry skin and itching 80%
Dryness of nose or nosebleed 80%
Irritation of eyes 40%
Joint and muscle pain 15%
temporary hair thinning 10%
rash 7%
Intestinal symptoms 5%
urinary symptons 5%
Headache 5%
Increased sun sensitivity 5%
Decreased night vision 1%
Depression 1%

I myself have experienced ony dry skin so not everyone will experience the individual symptoms. I'm not saying you won't experience some but as you can see the ones towards the bottom aren't very typical. Keep up posted whether you decide to take it or not Bye now


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