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i couldnt agree more. If he likes is ur personality that he's attracted to and he woulnt bother about your physical appearance.
One other thing...pls dont put loads of makeups on just to cover those huge red suckers..a little is ok..but too much can actually make your skin look worse cause everybody will notice your trying to cover them up...Bumpy skin with tons of makeup on top will only make the skin looked its worse. Just leave the suckers alone..I'm sure your bf wouldnt bother about them.
I dont know about you guys but i prefer girls with very little or no makeup on, I rather have her looked the natural way. I saw this lady in a post office the other day and i could tell straight away she has cystic acne, but there was no redness cause she masked it out with tons of makeups and then her skin was all bumpy and it just looked sooooo so unnatural. oh well jut my 2 cents

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